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How to Save Power: Seven Unique Tips No One Ever Told You

August 28, 2018
by dmirza
save power

If you follow energy blogs, you might be tired of reading the same old ways to save power. Here are some unique and easy ways you may not have thought of to conserve energy and save money on your next electricity bill.

* Cold Water Washing: Heating water to do your laundry is one of the largest guzzlers of electricity in a typical home. Instead, switch to washing in cold water – it gets clothes just as clean, but uses less energy and, therefore, money. And if you are worried about how clean your clothes can get in cold vs. hot water, some manufacturers even make detergent for cold water washing!

* Reduce Dryer Use: Since the dryer generates significant heat, consider running more than one load at a time. Also, try air-drying your clothing whenever possible.

* Cover Your Liquids: If liquids are left open in the fridge, moisture from the liquids is pulled out, making the fridge work harder. Also, a well-stocked fridge will act as insulation to keep the temperature cold and might even help you spend more time at home and less time (and money) going out.

* Be a Fan of the Fan: Use ceiling fans. They help make the room feel cooler than it is, so you don’t have to rely as much on your A/C. If you have an attic, install an attic fan to help cool the whole house.

* Cover Your Windows: During the summer, try using blinds and curtains with a white exterior. As you know, white (and other light colors) reflect heat so this will reduce the amount of heat that is currently being absorbed (therefore causing you to use more energy to cool your home). To be even more energy efficient, try planting some trees near your home, which will help shade your windows and roof. Granted, this will take some time but the end result will be worth it. As a bonus, a well-landscaped property will add value to your home!

* Lower the temperature of your water heater: Experiment until you find the lowest temperature that’s still comfortable for you and your family. By lowering the temperature of your water heater and taking shorter, quicker showers, you will reduce the load on your water heater.

* Slow cooking: Use a slow cooker when you can, since it uses less power than an electric stove top. When you do cook on the stove, cover your pans with well-fitting lids so the contents cook faster. Another option is to grill your dinner outside if weather permits. Talk about a tasty way to save money and save power!

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  1. July 9, 2020

    Really Good Tips you shared through your article. But, I practically think everyone cannot do this activity on a daily basis, for them, it will be difficult to save energy. But, you can add one more unique point in your article for saving energy, which is installing power saver devices. We are unable to follow all pointers from blog so have installed OHM Assistant, the power monitor device. This device monitors the real-time power consumption of all appliances. I can monitor my power usage from anywhere anytime on my smartphone through an app. This device helps me to save more energy and on my electricity bills.

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