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Small Businesses Can Save on Their Energy Bills As Well

March 22, 2013

If you have a small business, you might be looking for some ways that you can cut down on your energy costs and save on your energy bill. While you might not think there are going to be many areas where you can improve, it should be possible for just about every small business to save on their energy bills. Here are a few tips that will be able to help you get on the right track and get that expensive bill under control.

One of the techniques that many companies around Texas are starting to use are occupancy sensors. Instead of worrying that you forgot to turn the lights off in the office, an occupancy sensor is able to detect whether there is anyone in the room and turn the lights off when certain no one is there. The sensors are perfect to help control lighting in printer rooms, conferences, and break rooms. Having these in the bathrooms at the office is another way that you can save money. So many companies leave the lights on in the bathroom all day long without realizing just how much energy they are wasting.

Businesses may also want to consider replacing their current lighting. Instead of having the incandescent bulbs, it makes more sense to have fluorescent lighting. This can save a substantial amount. For desk lamps, using the energy saving light bulbs can be another good option.

Look at the other equipment that you have in the building and see if replacing it might be able to help you save a bit more money. Replacing water heaters for example, could mean that the water heats up faster so that you do not have to keep running it as long. In addition, you could set the thermostat a few degrees lower so that the heat does not come on in the winter, and higher in the summer to avoid excessive use of air conditioning.

Some other helpful tips include turning off the computers at the end of the day. Even though they might not be drawing too much energy when they are in their hibernation mode, if your company has a dozen or more computers, you will see a difference when you turn them off.

The above are some great ways that your small business will be able to become an energy efficient operation. Always keep your eyes open for even more ways that you can cut your energy costs.

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