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Smoke Alarm Safety Tips to Protect Your Home

February 24, 2021
by dmirza
smoke alarm safety tips illustration

A proper fire prevention plan and following smoke alarm safety tips can help you get out of a critical condition.

Whether there is a fire at home due to electrical issues or any other cause, it may turn fatal in a matter of minutes. In such cases, your smoke detector becomes your first line of defense.

But sometimes, incorrect installation, such as too close to the kitchen appliances, can create a nuisance.

So, here are some useful points about smoke detector maintenance:

Practice Safe Habits

Taking precautions can prevent fires from happening or at least reduce their risk. Daily chores also can become dangerous if you are not mindful.

For instance, you may light candles on an occasional spa night or celebration. Make sure to blow them before you leave the area or go to sleep.

Likewise, keep all combustible materials like rags, chemical solutions, etc., away from the stove, oven, or other cooking appliances.

The best smoke alarm safety tips include knowing the drill, i.e., how to put out flames, use the fire extinguisher, shutting off the gas, etc. Teaching kids these precautions can be helpful in scenarios like this.

Make Every Room Fire-Proof

Fire hazards can happen in any area of the house, from the living room to the garage. For instance, dryer lint in the laundry room can catch fire when the high-powered appliances get overheated.

Hence, clear out the vents regularly. Avoid using too many power strips and keep the space heaters, furnaces, and fireplaces in good shape. Also, close the bedroom doors to slow down the spread of fire.

Some people like to smoke in the garage, but if there are fertilizers, cleaning agents, gasoline, or other flammable products, it can get lethal quickly.

Dual-ability smoke detectors can identify carbon monoxide levels also. Installing them will protect your time, money, and health.

Timely Maintenance of Smoke Detectors

Smoke alarm safety tips can work when the devices are in working condition. Indulge in monthly smoke detector maintenance by pushing the button on the alarm. While this is a standard test, the process may vary with device models.

Furthermore, ensure that the alarm is audible across the house; otherwise, there is no point in having a smoke detector. Once in a while, you may hear annoying chirping noises from the device – it means it’s time to change the batteries.

With time, smoke detectors also lose their sheen and efficiency. On average, a smoke alarm’s lifespan is about 8-10 years. When it wears down, there is nothing you can do but replace it.

Stay Safe with These Smoke Alarm Safety Tips and Uninterrupted Electricity

Most plugin smoke alarms run on a continuous source of energy. While this amount is not massive, it still contributes to your electricity bill. So, while you follow the above smoke alarm safety tips, look for a low-rate energy plan to save money.

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