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Stay warm this winter with reduced power bills

December 2, 2014
by dmirza

Christmas is on its way, winter is already in. There are few states which are experiencing minus degree and the cold is intense. It is obvious that people will use the thermostat and turn up the heat to keep their home warm. How about trying out things that will reduce your energy bill? Yet keep you warm during winter. It is high time that one tries out different techniques to keep the house and oneself warm. There are simple ways by which one can get the warmth without the use of electricity. stay-warm-this-winter-with-reduced-power-bills Shop Texas Electricity does encourage its customers to try out things that will conserve energy. It is always best to close off unused rooms; this will prevent cold air to come in and will retain the heat that is generated because of the fireplace or radiator. Another best option is to set your ceiling fan to rotate clockwise in lower speed; this will make it get the warm air down to you and others in the house. The concept of changing sheets is very common. One should use cotton sheets because they are warmer than any other kind of sheets. For the floor, use rugs and carpets that will add color and style to your house. This keeps the floor warm and will generate heat. Use thick woolen socks for your feet, it will get your feet warm and cozy. Make sure that all the windows are closed so that no cold air comes inside the house. Drink lot of warm fluids which will keep you warm. When going to bed at night keep a bottle of hot water on the bed it will make it warm and cozy for you to sleep. Another option is keep yourself busy and active. Doing the house chores would generate heat in the body which would keep you warm. Proper woolen garments would also help. These are some of the simple and natural ways to keep the house and yourself warmer during winters. Try these techniques and you will see that it works for the best. This way you will definitely cut on using the thermostat and will reduce the power bill to a great extent. It is the willingness of the people that will bring a change when it comes to conserving of energy in any form. Share your knowledge, be more creative, get the best from the simple things at home and make a difference to the economy and your life. Save money and save energy in the most simplest of fashion.

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