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Stress-Free Move: 7 Helpful Tips to Make Relocation Less Stressful

January 21, 2021
by dmirza
Moving Boxes That Say Relocation

Relocation can be stressful when you don’t plan properly. Scouring for the best neighborhoods, finding a home, and setting up utilities can add to the frustration.

Especially if you move to another state, it can be exciting and intimidating.

Here are 7 ideas to ease the transition and help you make a stress-free move:

1.   Get a To-Do List

Carry a notebook or binder with you always, and add thoughts that pop into your mind. By jotting down these ideas, you can plan how to move stress-free, more efficiently. Items on this checklist may include disconnecting your utility services, canceling appointments, speaking to the movers, or asking friends for help.

2.   Accumulate Boxes

You will need a lot of newspapers, bubble wrap, and cardboard boxes. Use same-sized boxes to make sure they fit perfectly when you stack and load them into the vehicle. Protect valuable items and get them shipped separately to ensure a stress-free move.

3.   Pack a Single Room at One Time

Tackles once space in your home at one time. If there are unopened boxes from your last relocation, discover what’s hidden and if you need it now. Give everything adequate attention – from little trinkets to knickknacks to furniture. Packing them one by one will reduce the burden.

4.   Purge Unnecessary Things

If you travel with all the clutter in your closet, it doesn’t make for a stress-free move. Keep the essentials, indispensables, and things with sentimental value. Sort the other stuff into three categories: donate, discard, and sell. Items in good condition but no longer of use to you go into the donate pile, and you can throw away those that are far gone. Sell high-worth items online.

5.     Ensure Budget Tracking

Find out if you can save money while moving. If you are moving for professional reasons or you have a small business, you may claim tax deductions on your moving expenses. Use the moving binder to track how much you are spending.

6.   Research Family-Friendly Places

If possible, visit the city or suburb where you are moving to familiarize yourself with the locality. But with modern technology, it is easy to learn all about uncharted territories from the comfort of your home. Learn all you can on how to move stress-free, through Google, like locating the DMV, entertainment spots, etc.

7.     Set Up Utilities Soon

Cable and the internet can wait, but water, gas, and electricity are the main connections you should have when you move. In Texas’ deregulated market, electricity providers offer competitive prices. However, not all companies have the same type of plans with the same rates.

For some plans, you should provide details like proof of address and social security number. Some require credit verification and an initial deposit. Understand various electricity plans and have a stress-free move.

Whether you plan to move to Houston, Dallas, or any other part of Texas, we have plenty of affordable electricity plans from various providers. Shop for low-rate electricity plans now.

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