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Sweet Electricity Savings

March 25, 2014

canstockphoto1393621A person’s electricity rate often goes unrecognized because our lives can get really busy at times. So what if you find yourself overpaying for electricity? Not to worry, we’re here to save the day. is an electricity comparison website to shop and save on your electric bill. We make the electricity shopping process easy for residential and commercial customers.

Retail electricity providers have different plans, some require contracts and some do not. A fixed rate plan will require a contract but the beauty is that the electricity rate will stay the same during the entire contract. For example, if you choose a 6 month plan your electricity rate won’t change during the entire six months. A variable or month-to-month plan does not have a contract, but the electricity rate is pulled from the market. The month-to-month rate can rise up or down because it relies on the market.

Our comparison tool also helps customers sort electricity plans by price, term in months, product name, and electricity provider. We also display an approximate estimate of annual electricity savings that you would be saving on your electric bill, if you were to choose that particular plan.

Enter your zip code today and start saving on your electricity bill for your home or business.

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