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Texas Enterprises Spur Renewable Energy Development

July 26, 2011

A few months have passed since President Obama officially designated last April as the Energy Awareness Month and announced the launching of the National Clean Fleets Partnership program. Since then enterprises, public and private organizations have focused their attention at striving to do their part to contribute in this national goal of reducing at least a third of the total fossil fuel consumption in the country by the year 2020.

The state of Texasis not left far behind in these endeavors and has always been a stalwart in renewable energy development in the country and has been the leading powerhouse when it comes to generating electricity with the power of the wind. Despite these advances in wind energy in Texas, the potential for tapping and exploring the vast renewable energy resources for generating Texas electricity is very huge and enterprises are just barely scratching the surface of this vast potential.

Members of the Texas Renewable Energy Industries Association (TREIA) know exactly what this potential for renewable energy is present in the state. This vision is shared by the more than 500 members of TREIA, most of which come from organizations, companies, agencies and even individuals who have keen interests in generating and making available sustainable and cheap electricity for everyone using various renewable energy technologies. Such technologies include solar electric generation, wind energy, biomass, liquid renewable fuels, geothermal energy, and green building technologies.

Spurring Texas Renewable Energy Development 

This task of spurringTexasenterprises to adopt renewable energy development efforts is one of the key initiatives pushed forward by the Texas Renewable Energy Industries Association. Part of these efforts is to supportTexaslegislation that spurs renewable energy development in the state, and oppose legislations that they see are detrimental to the development ofTexasrenewable energy. There are several bills put forward in theTexaslegislature and most would simply fail to materialize or be enacted into law. TREIA’s task is to identify the critical initiatives that would best serve the renewable energy industries and would fully support these initiatives until legislation is achieved.

Several enterprises that see the importance of generating Texas electricity using clean and renewable energy resources have joined the efforts of the TREIA. These enterprises see the benefit of supporting renewable energy efforts and the development of clean energy. Through these efforts, many TREIA have developed new partnerships and explored new areas of opportunities that would make their individual businesses much more competitive and dynamic. With the people of Texas exercising their power to choose energy options, a company’s visibility in this fast-growing renewable energy industry would ensure business survival in years to come.

Membership in the TREIA has attracted not only major players in renewable and clean energy in the state, but has also spurred traditional Texas electric companies to start adopting renewable energy initiatives as part of their enterprise offerings. The TREIA is a good venue for such companies to tap into the vast wealth of knowledge and opportunities available to them in the field of clean and renewable energies – giving them an opportunity to leverage their experience as a traditional Texas electric provider and help diversify and strengthen the energy options available to the state and its people.

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