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Tips for Texas Electric Shopping

July 17, 2012

With Texas energy deregulation, consumers have got a choice to select their electric providers and plans that suit their needs and budget. But since a wide variety of electricity deals available in your zip code, which may vary either by the length of contract or price, it becomes quite difficult to compare them. Since most Texas electricity contracts don’t have any uniformity among the contract terms, and even the ones that do only have a limited amount of uniformity, you need to consider certain factors while shopping for Texas electricity plans, as mentioned below:

  • Frequency of bills: Unless your electric service is provided for a period less than a month, your REP would issue bills on a monthly basis. However, in case you and your REP agree to bills issued less frequently than monthly, the same can be done as well. So, check the options your shortlisted REP offers before you sign the contract.
  • Delivery of Texas electric bills: The electric bills are issued in writing to the residential customers by their respective REPs, which are then delivered by the United States Postal Service. In case you and your REP agree, you may also get electronic bills sent by your REP at your email id registered with it. Most people these days prefer to get their bills online. In case you too belong to this league, check if your chosen REP provides this service or not.
  • Actual vs. Estimated bills: If for some reason, the REP is incapable of taking the actual meter reading, it may issue a bill based on your estimated usage. In case of an estimated bill, you will be informed about the cause why such a bill was sent by your REP. Make sure to know the circumstances when such a bill can be raised before you sign an electric contract.
  • Bill content: Make sure you know what elements form an integral part of your electric bill content, and check if your REP sends bills that adhere to the same.
  • Getting copy of electric bills free of charge: An REP usually maintains monthly records of billing and payment data for a minimum of 24 months after the bill has been mailed. You can obtain a free copy of your electric bill upon request. However, during every 12-month period, you can get such free copies of bills only for once.
  • Customer service: Check if your shortlisted REP has a good and prompt customer service desk that attends to your queries and problems quickly, and resolves them at the earliest.

With the power to choose in the hands of the consumer, you can now shop around for favorable energy plans for your business or home. Since most electric companies vie with one another to lure consumers, they offer lower rates and additional deals, which spell value for money. In today’s competitive energy markets, you need to make a knowledgeable choice to benefit the most. Use the tips mentioned above while shopping for Texas electricity to make an informed decision, and get plans and services worth every dollar of your hard earned money.

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