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Simple Tips for moving into a home or apartment

May 28, 2015
by dmirza
moving to apartment

Moving into a new home or apartment can be an exciting and overwhelming experience. As you unpack your boxes and settle in, it’s important to consider the impact your energy usage will have on both the environment and your wallet. Luckily, there are simple steps you can take to ensure that your move is as energy-efficient as possible. From sealing air leaks to installing solar screens, we’ve got you covered with these easy tips for moving into a home or apartment in Texas. Let’s get started!

How to move your belongings into your new home

Moving is a daunting task, but with the right planning and organization, it can be a breeze. Before you start packing your belongings into boxes, take some time to declutter and get rid of anything you no longer need or want. This will not only make moving easier but also reduce the amount of energy needed to transport your items.

When packing up your belongings, consider using reusable containers instead of cardboard boxes. These containers are sturdier and more durable than traditional cardboard boxes and can be used multiple times, reducing waste.

As you pack up each room in your old home or apartment, label each box clearly so that it is easy to unpack them in their respective rooms in the new space. This will save time and energy when settling into your new abode.

Don’t forget to properly dispose of any hazardous materials such as batteries or electronics before moving day arrives. Many cities have specific guidelines for disposing of these items safely and responsibly – check with local resources to ensure compliance.

By following these simple tips for moving your belongings into your new home or apartment, you’ll save both time and energy while staying organized throughout the process.

Install a programmable thermostat

Installing a programmable thermostat is an essential step in making your new home energy-efficient. It allows you to control the temperature of your home automatically, reducing the energy used when no one is at home or during sleeping hours.

A programmable thermostat can be set up to follow a schedule that matches your daily routine so that you don’t have to worry about adjusting the temperature manually. For example, if you leave for work every day at 8 am and come back at 6 pm, the thermostat can be programmed to reduce heating or cooling while you’re away.

There are different types of thermostats available on the market today, and it’s crucial to choose one that suits your needs. Some models allow remote access via smartphones or tablets while others only provide basic programming options.

Another benefit of installing a programmable thermostat is cost savings. You can save up to 10% annually on utility bills by using this device since it helps regulate indoor temperatures efficiently and reduces unnecessary energy consumption.

Installing a programmable thermostat will help make your move into a new apartment more comfortable and efficient.

Check for energy-efficient appliances

Before moving into your new home or apartment in Texas, it’s essential to check for energy-efficient appliances. These appliances can make a significant difference in your monthly utility bills and reduce the overall energy consumption of your household.

Start by checking if your refrigerator has an ENERGY STAR label. This means that it meets certain standards for energy efficiency set by the U. S Department of Energy. You should also look for washing machines and dryers with this certification as they use less water and electricity than their non-certified counterparts.

Dishwashers are another appliance to consider when looking for energy efficiency. Look for models with low-water wash features that use less water per cycle, reducing both water usage and heating costs.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a new HVAC system, remember that installing an ENERGY STAR certified unit can save up to 20% on heating and cooling costs compared to non-certified models.

By investing in energy-efficient appliances before moving into your new home or apartment in Texas, you’ll be doing your part towards creating a more sustainable future while saving money on utility bills every month.

Seal air leaks

Sealing air leaks is a crucial step to save energy and money in your new home or apartment. Air leakage can cause drafts, which make it difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your house. Sealing these gaps can help you reduce the amount of energy required for cooling or heating, resulting in lower utility bills.

One of the easiest ways to detect air leaks is by using an incense stick. Move it around doors and windows allowing smoke from the incense stick to get carried away with any draft that may be present. If there’s wind blowing into your house through any door or window frame, consider filling those gaps with caulk.

Another way to seal air leaks is by installing weatherstripping on all exterior doors and windows. This material helps prevent drafts without blocking natural light from entering your home.

Air ducts are also notorious for leaking cool or warm air as they transport it throughout your home; sealing them up properly will ensure that no wasted energy occurs within them.

By taking these simple steps for sealing air leaks in mind during move-in day, you’ll have a more efficient living space while saving significant amounts of money down the road!

Use ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are a great addition to any home or apartment, especially in Texas where temperatures can get pretty high. They not only provide a refreshing breeze but also help you save on your energy bill by reducing the need for air conditioning.

When using ceiling fans, it’s important to remember that they should be rotating counterclockwise during the summer months. This creates a wind-chill effect which makes you feel cooler without actually lowering the temperature of the room.

Ceiling fans also have different speed settings so make sure to adjust them accordingly depending on how hot it is outside and how much cooling down you need. Don’t forget to turn them off when leaving the room too!

Another advantage of using ceiling fans is that they can be used year-round as well! During colder months, simply switch their rotation direction clockwise and run them at low speeds to circulate warm air trapped near the ceiling downwards.

Investing in ceiling fans is an affordable and energy-efficient way to keep your new home cool during those hot Texas summers while saving money on electricity bills.

Install solar screens or window films

By installing solar screens or window films, you can greatly reduce the amount of heat that enters your home through the windows. This is especially important during hot Texas summers where air conditioning bills can skyrocket. Solar screens and films work by reflecting sunlight and blocking UV rays, resulting in a cooler interior temperature.

Moving into a new home or apartment provides an opportunity to improve energy efficiency and save on electricity costs. By following these simple tips such as sealing air leaks, using ceiling fans, checking for energy-efficient appliances, installing a programmable thermostat, and adding solar screens or window films – you will be able to increase comfort levels while also reducing your carbon footprint. Don’t hesitate to make energy-saving changes when moving into your new Texas home!

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