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Top 5 Free Things to Do in Dallas

March 18, 2021
by dmirza
Free Things to Do in Dallas

If you are in Dallas for a short trip with friends and family or for a workweek, there are plenty of cool spots to visit and lots of free thing to do in Dallas. Even long-time residents may have missed some of these places.

But when we say the best attractions, we don’t mean things that can put a dent in your wallet!

You can find many free things to do in Dallas, but here are the top five:

1.   Cedar Ridge Nature Preserve

There is a misconception that Dallas and Texas have a flat topography, but not at this 600-acre nature preserve at an elevation of 755 feet.

It is the best place to visit for an outdoorsy adventurer because it has a variety of trails, including nine unpaved ones.

Hike up to the highest point with your kids or pets on a leash and enjoy the bird’s eye view of the terrain, lush green foliage, and wildlife.

2.   Klyde Warren Park

Admission to this massively popular expansive green space gives you the choice of many free things to do in Dallas.

Just laze around, take a walk, get fresh air, or have plenty of exercise playing lawn games. When you get exhausted, grab a bite at the many food trucks surrounding the park and head over to the bistro tables.

If you visit the Kylde Warren Park on Saturdays in summer, from June to August, you can even catch a free movie.

3.   Dallas Museum of Art

You can enjoy a peaceful and serene day out admiring over 23,000 works of art, including painting, jewelry, sculptures, etc., at the Dallas Museum of Arts.

It is one of the free attractions and cheap things to do. As one of the most impressive art collections in the country, it houses more than just galleries.

There is a children’s creative zone, exhibition area, cafe, sculpture garden, and more.

4.   Bishop Arts District

Buying stuff requires money but window shopping on the streets of Bishop Arts District does not.

Feast your eyes on the color burst while enjoying one of the best free things to do in Dallas.

This independent neighborhood is home to several boutiques, restaurants, shops, and stalls. Find the local artistry at its best and enjoy a classic movie at the Texas Theater.

5.   Continental Avenue Bridge

Now named the Ronald Kirk pedestrian bridge, this meeting point between Downtown and West Dallas is a great way to showcase your photography skills.

It is one of the most famous free attractions and cheap things to do because it offers the best view of the Downtown Dallas skyline.

Now completely a pedestrian-only bridge, it offers impeccable views at night. Occasional movie screenings, fitness classes, and other activities also take place here.

Free Things to Do in Dallas: Look for a Better Energy Plan

In addition to the above free things to do in Dallas, you can also go on your computer and look for an electricity plan for your home.

Even if you are in the city for a short while or you are moving to Dallas soon, it is good to have your utilities set up.

Browse different energy plans on Shop Texas Electricity now!

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