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Understand Your Electricity Bill

February 28, 2015
by dmirza

Knowing the terms on your electricity bill can save a lot of frustration. We’ll give you a quick rundown on common terms, and you’ll be reading your energy bill like a pro in no time! Understand Your Electricity Bill

  • Base Charge — Flat monthly fee for electric service
  • Current Charges — Amount due for the current cycle (month)
  • Energy Charge — Cost for kWh used
  • Meter Charge — Cost to have your meter read
  • Amount Due — This is the total amount you need to pay, including charges and penalties from previous months
  • Change in Rates — The change in the price per kWh for the month (applies to variable rate plans)
  • PUC Assessment — This fee covers the cost to implement the Public Utility Regulatory Act
  • TDU Delivery Charges — Cost for delivering electricity to your home

These are the most common terms you will find on your bill. There are a lot of other terms that may pop up, but most are related to special circumstances or programs. If you would like a complete list of the terms, you can find them on the Public Utility Commission of Texas’ website. Understanding your bill will help you find ways to shrink it. Whether it’s choosing a new provider or switching to a fixed rate plan instead of a variable rate plan, we can help you reduce your energy costs!

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