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Ways to Cut Your Electricity Bills

October 4, 2010

In the current economic scenario facing the world today, one of the major concerns is the depletion and rising cost of energy. Governments now are doing a concerted effort in saving electricity and people from all walks of life including the good citizens of Texas should do their integral part in saving energy. Not only can this be good for the environment and the earth, but saving energy can cut down your electricity bills so you don’t have to cringe every time you open that monthly Texas electric bill coming in your mailbox. State and federal efforts are underway to look for viable and renewable sources of energy to replace the rapidly depleting fossil-fuel based electricity generators. But until the time that really cheap electricity is available to the masses, people should look for innovative ways on how they can save energy and cut their electricity bills, and they can start with the following ideas: * Coordinate with your retail Texas electric company and ask for energy conservation materials to help you reduce your electricity bills. Most retail electric providers maintain programs like this and you can use these available materials to get your started on your own road towards cutting your electricity bills. * Performing an energy audit would be one of the wisest things to do. Doing so can identify where and how energy is wasted in your homes or business establishments. After that, you can plan a comprehensive energy savings plan that fits right it to your situation or lifestyle. Some Texas electric companies provide their own inspectors to help you with this or you can coordinate with a certified technician to check your establishment out. This can include HVAC inspection, insulation and appliances in your home or office. * Identify and cut back wasteful use of Texas electricity in your home or office. Simply turning off the lights, computer or appliances if not in use for a considerable amount of time can do wonders in reducing your electricity bill. You can also adjust your thermostat settings to comfortable levels and setting it at extremes. Other things you can do are to use warm and not hot settings on your washers to save on heating costs. Check all your electrical wirings, cables, fuses, breakers and outlets for any leakage which can drain a considerable amount of electricity if prolonged. * Properly insulate your home to save on cooling or heating costs. Studies have shown that sealing your house from cracks and leaks where heat or cold can pass through can reduce your electricity bills by up to 20 percent if done properly. Clean the filters of your air conditioning units and heaters to increase their efficiency. Greening your surroundings around your home like planting trees can help cool your house during the heat of summer, or it can insulate your home during the cold days in winter. * Use only energy efficient appliances and lighting. Compact fluorescent bulbs can save up to 75 percent Texas electricity than standard light bulbs. If possible, you can also start using LED lights which are even more energy-efficient than fluorescent lamps. Discard your old refrigerators and air conditioners and replace them with more energy-efficient units labeled with an Energy Star. Rebates can still be available from the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act with the use of more energy efficient appliances. * The energy deregulated market in Texas gives people the power to choose their retail electric providers. Choose one that can give you the best deals in pricing and payment plans. You can also choose providers that make use of renewable energy resources such as wind, solar, biomass or geothermal. * Check out time-of-use plans offered by some Texas electric companies that offer lower rates when you use electricity during off peak hours. You can also try and choose a fixed-bill plan which will charge you a pre-determined amount on your electric bill for a certain period of one year or more. With such plans, you can be protected from abrupt spikes in energy prices which will be translated to higher electricity bills.

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