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What Kind of Roofing Can Save Money on Texas Electricity Bills?

March 10, 2021
by dmirza
Save Money on Texas Electricity Bills

Your roof deserves close attention as it has the potential to conserve energy and correspondingly lower your utility bills. An energy-efficient roof offers an extended lifespan, prioritizing efficiency while installing or undertaking repairs on your existing protective covering.

Vital Considerations

You can save money on Texas electricity bills by ticking the listed checkboxes during an ongoing roofing project:


Upgrading your attic’s insulation can result in significant energy savings for your roof. The insulation layer acts as a thermal barrier by controlling heat or cold transfer into your living space. Attic insulation is an energy-saving improvement that reflects favorable results while conducting DIY home energy audits.


The pairing of intake and exhaust vents allows for natural airflow circulation and prevents your attic from heating up excessively. Professionally undertaken attic ventilation keeps your home cooling costs in check and preserves your roof for longer by preventing its decking from warping.

Shingle Color

Dark-colored roofs quickly absorb sweltering Texas conditions and transfer heat to their deck and attic below. Highly reflective shingles remain cooler as they reflect heat away from your roof. Solar-reflecting shingles help you save money on Texas electricity bills by being energy-efficient.

Reduce Your Energy Footprint

DIY home energy audits reveal how Texas roofs significantly lower overall cooling and heating costs. Choosing from among the following roofing options enables you to save money on Texas electricity bills:

Metal Roofing

You can get the highest solar reflectance with a white metal roof that emits exterior heat outwards. Your air-conditioner will not have to work harder in the unbearable Texas summers as your metal roofing material retains minimal heat.

Maintaining space between the roof and its deck prevents the roofing material from transferring any semblance of heat to your interior structure. Lightweight metal roofs are easy to install, highly recyclable, and do not absorb heat or cold. You conserve energy while heating or cooling your living space thereby, saving money.

Cool Roofing

These roofs, made of highly reflective paint, tiles, or covering, absorb less heat and reflect more sunlight. Dark or standard roofs reach soaring temperatures in summer, while cool roofs remain much cooler in similar conditions.

Your DIY home energy audits will reflect a reduction in consumption as your air-conditioning needs decrease. Cool roof coatings are either white or include unique reflective pigments. Whether you have a low-sloped or steep-sloped roof, you can make it sustainable to ensure you save money on Texas electricity bills.

Make energy efficiency a priority, especially when replacing a damaged roof or installing a new one. Your roof type, its insulation features, and the climate your home faces for most of the year determine your long-term savings.

Enhance your savings by using the Shop Texas Electricity platform to compare cost-effective energy plans.

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