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When to Replace Appliances in Your Home or Should You Repair Them?

March 4, 2021
by dmirza
When to Replace Appliances

Apart from your house and cars, home appliances and electronics are the most expensive items you buy. These are not something you often replace, but try to extend their life spans with timely maintenance.

So, if you are worried about when to replace appliances or keep repairing them, read on below.

Repair or Replace Appliances: How to Decide?

You need to ask yourself some questions before arriving at a decision, such as:

1.    When Did You Buy the Appliance?

The life spans of home appliances vary. For instance, washing machines and dishwashers work properly for up to 10 years, and fridges can go up to 13 or 15 years without major repairs issues.

Likewise, the longevity of gas or electric ranges and oven hoods is for 13 or more years. Depending on how well you maintain the HVAC system, you can continue using it for 15-20 years after purchase.

2.    How Much Does the Repair Cost?

Even if you know when to replace appliances, homeowners like to try one more repair so that they can save on costs. However, if the repair of your fridge itself costs more than 50% of the cost of buying a new refrigerator, it is better to replace it. So, compare the costs of repair and replacement if you are in a dilemma.

3.    Why Do You Want to Replace It?

You will know why you want to replace an item – whether it doesn’t suit your family’s growing needs, style, etc. While style is a personal choice, it is better to coordinate appliances by replacing everything at once. Otherwise, by the time you switch one by one, the latest designs may not match your current settings. 

4.    Does It Need More Maintenance?

What experts mention as the life spans of home appliances are just ballpark figures. You can extend their life with a regular maintenance schedule. Get timely professional inspections and catch potential problems before they occur. This way, you won’t keep worrying about when to replace appliances.

5.    Are the Appliances Pulling More Than Required Power?

If your consumption is low, but you are receiving shocking monthly bills, some appliances may be drawing more power. In such a case, you can replace them with energy-efficient products. They use about 20% less energy than standard models.

Each product comes with bright yellow and black EnergyGuide labels attached that give an estimate on how much electricity they use. ENERGY STAR-approved washing machines also use low amounts of water.

Knowing When to Replace Appliances Can Help You in the Long Run

If you know when to replace appliances, don’t delay it because you are scared of the expenses. Energy-efficient models may cost more initially, but you get back this investment in a few years on energy savings. Switching the old appliances in time can lower your energy bills significantly. Also, consider an affordable energy plan from Shop Texas Electricity to reduce your monthly bills.

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