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Why Experts Say Solar Panel Kits for Home Are Not a Good Idea?

April 6, 2021
by dmirza
Solar Panel Kits for Home

Relying on solar energy increases your home’s value and brings down your monthly expenses on electricity. Sourcing solar panel kits for home installations may appear tempting but, such projects invite trouble.

Since solar power is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional energy, it is worth embracing. The services of professional solar installers who have undergone extensive training prove cost-effective.

Residential Solar Energy Systems

Think hard before investing in a make your own DIY solar system as you have to factor in considerations like:

  • Accessing all the tools and equipment necessary to complete the installation
  • Conforming to the regulatory installation codes in existence
  • Monitoring your monthly energy consumption as solar panel kits for home vary in size
  • Making a budgetary provision
  • Deciding on an appropriate location as mounting the panel on your shady roof does not yield results
  • Positioning the solar panel such that you can maximize its efficiency
  • Confirming that the solar kit you intend to source is appropriate for your home, functional and safe to install

Drawbacks of Solar Panel Kits for Home

Residential solar energy panels are a significant investment. You only stand to benefit when they are correctly installed and fully functional. Solar consultants use their expertise to optimize your solar energy conversion.

Opting to make your own DIY solar system may give rise to the listed issues:

Breaching Building Codes

To standardize safety and quality, building permits are a mandate for home improvement projects. Permits given for solar panel installations assure you that your roof can withstand the added weight.  

Solar installers know the mandatory procedures and source the necessary permits before proceeding. Experts fear that residents violate building codes with solar panel kits for home due to ignorance of local compliances.

Suffering the Consequences of a Mistake

Many a time these DIY kits are missing an integral component which if you overlook, costs you in later years. Similarly, one incorrect step during the installation process may set you back monetarily. Besides spending more to rectify a blunder, you have to devote extra time and effort to set things right.

Struggling to Access the Electrical Grid

Professional installers are familiar with the interconnection process. They coordinate with your utility company to connect your residential solar energy system to the main grid. This provision guarantees an uninterrupted power supply on cloudy and rainy days.

The amateur route leaves you groping in the dark to meet all mandatory requirements. Moreover, DIY solar panels are not durable and they do not entitle you to rebates hence, experts suggest licensed intervention.

Explore the Shop Texas Electricity site to gain from affordable monthly plans. Besides switching over to solar energy using solar panels kits for home, you can also opt for a more reliable residential electricity provider.

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