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Why Install Dimmer Switches in Your Home?

April 27, 2021
by Ayesha Saini
install dimmer switch

Dimmer switches are integral to smart homes as they reduce brightness levels and conserve energy. When you install dimmer switches that you can remotely control, you can adjust your lighting from any location at home. Dimming your lights by 25% allows you to save an equal amount on your power outgoings.

A dimmer switch for LED lights further extends the lifespan of these long-lasting bulbs. By dimming your lighting you reduce your electricity usage, thereby avoiding frequent bulb replacements and high utility costs. Modern dimmers ensure there is no energy wastage of any sort.

To Install Dimmer Switches Or Not?

Upgrading to dimmer switches is the way forward considering advancements in lighting fixtures cater to this provision. The options available in the dimmer switch for LED lights category are also evolving.

Besides traditional up and down sliders, those with an override switch and motion sensors are proving highly functional. The latter variety of dimmer switches has a sensor that turns the lights on when it detects motion. As the room empties, the lights automatically switch off.

Choose to install dimmer switches in your home as it offers the following advantages:

Saves Energy

The more rooms you equip with dimmer switches and frequently dim your lights, your energy savings increase. These switches help control the amount of electricity consumed by lighting sources across your home. Dimming even one electric bulb saves a large percentage of electrical energy.

Creates the Perfect Ambiance

With dimmer switches, you can adjust your lighting to suit your mood. Creating that perfect environment in a section of your home is now in your control. While entertaining, dim lights give your guests a warm and inviting feel. In contrast, bright lights help you concentrate on your work or studies.

Increases the Longevity of Lights

Your LED lights and electric bulbs last longer when you install dimmer switches. Dimming your lights ensures they do not work as hard since you prevent them from reaching saturation point. By incorporating dimmer switches you rarely need to spend on replacing or repairing your non-functional lights.

Do Dimmer Switches Work?

These switches operate on simple electrical principles. Traditional dimmer switches reduce the electricity passing through a circuit to lower a light’s brightness. Modern dimmers change the electrical flow direction and reduce the current your light bulb receives.

They dim or brighten your lights by alternating the circuit between on and off mode. This switching cycle does not take time to process which takes care of energy conservation. Considering these switches are easy to install and serve a greater purpose, it is worth switching over to this technology.

Combine the energy you save with dimmer installations by choosing a budget-friendly plan from Shop Texas Electricity.

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