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Why Should You Cover Your Windows During Spring and Summer?

April 23, 2021
by dmirza
cover your window

Perhaps you think that your neighbors use those floral and pastel drapes as window treatments for aesthetic reasons. Agreed – they are beautiful and add to the curbside appeal, but there is more to it.

Spring and summer energy savings are not just about lowering your AC bills and air-drying your laundry. If you know how to cover your windows the right way, you can add more indoor comfort. Moreover, you can keep the sun’s heat from radiating inside.

If you have never covered up your windows before, here’s how and why you should start now:

How to Cover Your Windows: Interior or Exterior?

Most window coverings like blinds, drapes, shades, curtains, etc., are used on the interior.

Curtains and drapes are fabric material, woven or stitched. Homeowners prefer them because they are easier to install and replace. You can operate without stepping outside. They are both manual and automatic options.

Exterior blinds completely block the sun, and you install them on the window sill. They are far sturdier, made of steel, vinyl, wood, or aluminum, and last longer.

Roman shades have roller bars, and you open them up by rolling. Reflective blinds add to the current insulation and lower heat transfer.

Now that you know the differences, it is time to learn how to cover your windows.

Should You Always Close the Windows?

Close the windows when using a fan along with your AC. Whatever window coverings you use, it is better to close the windows during the day. A slight breeze may feel nice, but you also let in heat if you open the curtains.

By closing them, you can avoid the hot sun’s rays from entering your home. Also, opening them will increase the burden on your cooling units, and the energy consumption increases.

You can also save power by opening the blinds during the night. Indoor heat can escape through the windows and allow cool air to enter the bedroom.

Since it doesn’t feel closed-off anymore, you will be more comfortable. Besides, the indoor-outdoor temperature difference reduces, and you will get lower cooling bills.

Cover Windows in Unique Ways

If you want unconventional ideas on how to cover your windows, here are some creative tips:

Use rustic privacy screens or vintage shutters outside or in the home in front of the windows. You can remove them quickly when you don’t need them. But some heat can pass through the gaps, but you can feel the fresh air coming in.

Use faux stained glass or frosted glass to your window. They enhance the visual appeal and look colorful as sunlight bounces off them.

Add lace windowpanes if you want to let natural light in. The material absorbs some heat but cannot cool down completely even if you close the windows when using a fan.

As you focus on how to cover your windows, you’ll also improve the efficiency of your AC unit. Maintain it properly and use an affordable energy plan to reduce monthly bills.

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