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Wielding the Power to Choose

July 11, 2016
by dmirza

Are you ready to wield the power to choose? It’s okay if you aren’t sure, because we have some tips for you to wield it to the fullest potential.

What is the Power to Choose?

The power to choose is the ability to pick an electricity provider for your home or business.

Previously, one could only get electricity from the local utility in Texas:

  • Center Point Electricity
  • AEP
  • Oncor

The utility depended upon where in Texas you live or work. But regardless of your utility, you could only buy electricity from them. There were no choices in the matter.

That all changed when deregulation took hold in 2002.

Deregulation: Powering the Future through ChoiceSave money

Deregulation broke up the energy market so that utilities no longer held all the cards when it came to buying electricity.

Instead, retail energy providers (REPs) purchase shares of electricity from generation facilities like wind, solar, coal, and natural gas plants, then sell the electricity to consumers.

The utility still plays a role in this new market: they handle the distribution and maintenance of the electrical wires.

The Power to Choose Electricity

There are many REPs operating in Texas, and they all offer different plans. These plans can include renewable electricity, long contracts, variable month to month plans, and more.

The power to choose comes into play when you are able to look at all the different options and pick the one that works best for you.

Do you want a really low rate? How about a long term fixed rate contract? What about incentives like renewable energy

All of these options are at your fingertips. Check and compare plans from different providers and find one that works for your home. It doesn’t cost anything to switch to a new plan (as long as you’re not within the middle of a contract), and switching is easy.

  1. Check the rates, term lengths, and features of different plans.
  2. Read the electricity facts label (EFL) to see the “fine print.”
  3. Make the switch!

When you set a date to switch from one provider to the next, there is no interruption in your energy service. The switch is automatic and all changes will be noted on the next bill from your new provider.

Switching to a new energy provider every time your contract is up for renewal will save you a lot of money.

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