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Pros and Cons of Wind-Generated Texas Electricity

January 31, 2011
by admin

Most people are aware that fossil fuel resources are slowly being depleted resulting in higher prices of commodities such as electricity that rely heavily on such resources. Another side to the picture is the known impact of the use of fossil fuels on the environment, particularly on the effect of carbon emissions on global warming. This prompted a global focus on cleaner and renewable forms of generating electricity such as wind power. Wind energy leaves no carbon footprint and is one of the most viable forms of renewable energy. Texas is at the forefront in the development of wind power for the generation not only of Texas electricity but for other regions of the country as well. In an energy deregulated market, Texas residents have the power to choose their electricity options which include utilities that make use of renewable resources such as wind energy. There are however, certain advantages and disadvantages with the use of wind-generated Texas electricity that consumers should know about. Although the pros would far outweigh the cons in terms of environmental impact and its viability as an alternative resource for generating power, future developments in wind energy technologies are pushed further in order to mitigate all the potential disadvantages this energy source can bring. The Benefits of Wind-Generated Texas Electricity The following describes some of the benefits wind-generated Texas electricity can give to consumers. * Wind energy is a safe, non-polluting, and renewable source for generating cheap electricity. Wind farms has minimal or no carbon footprint and do not produce harmful or radioactive by-products. * Wind energy has no need for fossil fuels as it relies on free and available wind power. Harnessing the power of the wind is a proven and reliable technology that would provide consumers with a viable source for Texas electricity. * As wind energy technologies continue development, the initial cost of equipments such as wind turbines continue to go down and become much more affordable. * The construction, operation and maintenance of wind energy farms across various locations in the state and in the country would provide more green-collar jobs for the public. Issues Associated with Wind-Generated Texas Electricity There are certain issues and disadvantages raised with the generation and use of wind energy some of which are outlined in the following. * Wind energy relies on wind power to generate electricity. Without the wind, no electricity can be generated. * In most cases, wind power is abundant in areas that are far from populated urban areas where the generated electricity is needed. This would necessitate the need for transmission facilities to transfer this generated power from the wind farms to the consumers – and this would increase the initial cost. * Another significant source of the high initial cost in establishing wind farms is the relatively high cost of equipments such as the wind turbines that can go as high as 20 stories with blades that can go as long as a standard football field. * Detractors of wind energy have pointed out the noise factor that wind turbines can generate particularly during periods when wind power is low. Aside from that, these detractors also pointed out the potential for interference on television and radio signals that the massive wind turbine structures can cause. New designs however, are being implemented on the latest and most modern wind turbines aims to reduce these impacts. * Another issue against wind energy farms is the danger it can pose to migrating birds. A considerable number of these birds meet their demise as they flow through the moving wind turbines. Newer wind turbine designs include larger and slower moving blades that would give more room for birds to dodge through and avoid fatal contact. Despite the several disadvantages that wind-generated Texas electricity may pose, the technology still has more valuable advantages over fossil-fuels such as coal, gas and oil. As current fossil fuel reserves continue to dwindle, the future of Texas electricity will rely more and more on alternative and renewable energy resources – and wind energy will be at the forefront.

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