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Winter Electric Bills: Why Are They So High & What You Can Do

January 15, 2021
by dmirza
plug with text that says how to lower your winter electric bills

Every year, you find yourself surprised or even shocked as you look at your winter electric bills. Even as you wonder why the bill is so high, you know where to place the blame: your heating system.

When you desire a comfortable living environment at your home, it is no wonder that the heating costs shoot up. But it is possible to lower your winter bill with some energy-saving habits. The key is to know how to do that and improve your home’s comfort and energy-efficiency.

Colder Months See High Heating Needs

As the temperatures drop, you are home a lot more, and to keep yourself warm in winter, you turn up the heating systems.

Electric Furnace

If you live in one of those older homes, you may be using an electric furnace. These heating systems use almost 5000 watts, and running them for around half the day for the better part of winter will spike up the bill. Learn how to make your old home more energy-efficient with easy upgrades and see the bill amounts drop.

Water Heater

Water heating bills can make up as much as 18% of your total winter electric bill. If it runs continuously to maintain a 120-degree water temperature, it can get you an additional bill of $1 per day. Wrap an insulation jacket around the pipes to improve heat retention, or buy an energy-efficient water heater.

Space Heater

One of the best energy-saving habits to try this winter is to bulk up on the attic insulation. Instead of putting a strain on your space heater that consumes massive amounts of power, try layering up even when you are home. Install storm windows and get a professional to inspect the overall property thoroughly for leaks or cracks.

Clothes Dryer

Your clothes dryer consumes more energy during the winter. Obviously, air-drying may not be an option, but you can try other tips like tossing in a dry towel with the wet laundry. It will keep the clothes warm and circulating. Also, remember to clean out the lint filter after every use to reduce your winter electric bill.


If you have an old model thermostat, replace it with a programmable version. Smart thermostats help you control the home energy usage with specific settings for various times of the day. When you are asleep or away, they switch off automatically.

Cut Your Winter Electric Bills in Half with the Right Energy plan

No one likes to open their mail and see high energy bills – even it happens every year. Perhaps it is time to change this pattern. Switch to a low-rate power plan and save on your winter electric bills.

Compare rates from reputed providers in your service area. Find cheap energy plans on the Shop Texas Electricity website.

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