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Winter Heating Tips to Help You Save on Electricity

December 10, 2020
by dmirza
winter heating tips and home with red scarf wrapped around

Every year, when fall arrives, people prepare for the cold weather. Although snowfall is rare in Texas, it can get quite chilly and raise your heating bills.

You may know that one way to stay cozy this winter is to add attic insulation, but there are plenty more winter heating tips you can try to slash the energy costs.

Lower Your Water Heating Costs

Around 18% of your home energy consumption comes from water heating. You can replace your water heater with an energy-efficient model or turn its temperature to a warm setting.

One of the most effective fall and winter energy-saving tips we have is to tackle heat loss from water heaters is to insulate the pipes. Use foam-rubber sleeves or wraps to keep the water hot for a longer time; it also heats more quickly.

Stop Cold-Air Infiltration

Inspect the exterior of your home for open seams, cracks, or holes. If you see sunlight shining through, it means that air can escape and enter through the gaps. You can plug them up with acrylic-latex caulk or a high-quality, expanding-foam sealant.

Fill the air-leaking gaps in areas like the windows and siding. Replace the weather stripping on the exterior door to ensure there are in good shape. These winter heating tips provide more interior comfort besides cost savings.

Reverse the Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans distribute cool air throughout the room in summer, but they can trap heat during winter when you reverse them. If you are using remote-controlled fans or those with motor housing, it is easy to change the fan-blade rotation direction.

When you reverse it from counterclockwise to clockwise, the blades force warm air that rises to the ceiling to back down into the room.

Install Storm Windows

Get insulated glass panes for your windows to keep the indoor temperature warm. If not, think of installing storm windows. They prevent cold drafts and act as an added layer of protection against wind and rain.

Since they are mounted on your existing windows’ exterior, you can remove them easily in spring and store them until the next winter.

Buy a Programmable Thermostat

Among the best fall and winter energy-saving tips is utilizing a smart thermostat, which helps you reduce energy bills even in summer.

You can program the thermostat depending on your regular schedule, personalized temperature preferences, periodic settings, or for specific rooms in your house. For instance, it can automatically increase the heat every morning as everyone gets ready for work or school and turn off when you leave.

Weekend and vacation settings, Wi-Fi compatibility, and remote access on multiple devices are some of the key features of programmable thermostats.

Winter Heating Tips for Lower Electricity Bills

The above winter heating tips are about how to use electricity so you can lower the bills. You can also sign up for the right energy plan and reduce costs.

Choose from affordable electricity plans for your home by entering your Zip code.

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